KLS Concepts, Inc.

The New Face Of Promotional Marketing!

Company Profile

KLS Concepts, Inc. is a marketing company and our goal is to provide quality marketing services for our clients. We create a synergy between our various clients and retailers that give both the opportunity to touch different people that they may not normally reach.

PEOPLE: At Icon, we are committed to helping others build skills for life. At the heart of our business is the fundamental belief that in order to be truly successful, we must first help others to succeed.
PROGRAMS: An important key to KLS Concepts growth is the strength of our mentoring program. By taking advantage of KLS Concepts training and opportunities for professional development, even those with limited work experience can build personal and professional
skills that will last a lifetime.

The road to success with Icon begins with training. Professors and business leaders throughout North America recognize our mentoring program as both highly effective and innovative. Specifically designed for individuals who have little or no business experience, the initial training can take from three to five days. Training will be paid and will continue everyday that you work with KLS Concepts. Along with enhancing the interpersonal skills a person brings to the program, our training concentrates on teaching and mentoring others.

After the initial training, a variety of topics will be covered through ongoing training such as:
Project Management
Teaching and Mentoring Others
Inventory Control
Time Management
Budgeting and Finance

We are looking for team players, creative thinkers and self starters who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people. Most openings require no experience and are considered entry level.

Opportunities are limited to candidates who are driven for advancement and can thrive in a high energy, enthusiastic work environment. This is a perfect opportunity for someone trying to get their “foot-in-the-door” in the marketing field.
KLS Concepts is growing so rapidly that we are looking to continue expanding coast to coast throughout the year. We are looking for people with an above average attitude for an above average opportunity.